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My Messenger

Malachi 1:1

"The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi." Malachi 1:1 KJV

I ran across a website the other day that collected prognostications of various prophets that the end of the world would occur before the end of 2001. One prediction set the date for January 31, 2001 and was based on a scroll purported to have been found in Noah's ark.

Another prediction said the Great Tribulation would start April 7, 2001 and culminate on April 8, 2008. Another prophet said Jesus would return to earth on July 7, 2001, another one said the rapture would definitely take place in 2001, probably on Nov. 21. 

Nov. 21 was a popular date, because another prophet said that an asteroid would destroy Los Angeles on that date and that the Antichrist, who would go by the name, King David, would appear sometime during 2001. Still another prophet predicted that Armageddon would start on December 12, 2001 because China & Iraq would join together to attack Israel. (

Since the clock has struck 2002, I guess all these predictions were wrong, as were the prophets that made them. When we think of the word "prophet," we often think of people who make predictions about the future that come true. And certainly that is one definition. But there is another type of prophet, A person who boldly speaks the word of God during a critical period of history. Malachi was that kind of a prophet. He was God's messenger to God's people during a difficult time in Israel's history-a time that reminds me a lot of today.

The book of Malachi is strategically located at the end of the Old Testament canon-a fitting place for a book that summarizes the theology of the prophets of his age. Since the word "Malachi" means "My Messenger," and since we don't know much about about the man Malachi, some scholars suggest that he never lived-that the book represents the work of an anonymous author. A theory I reject for two reasons. First, "the writings of the literary prophets were never anonymous works." (ZPEB, v. 4, p. 43) And second, because I believe he was a messenger from God who was burdened for the people of his time 

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