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Daniel 6:20

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All around the world, people are looking for creative ways to serve the potted meat they stockpiled for the cataclysmic events prophesied for Y2K. By and large, nothing happened.

There was a tense moment of darkness in Hickman and Perry county Tennessee shortly after the clock struck the 21st Century. Officials found it wasn't the Y2K bug, but the Y2K rodent that did the damage. Apparently, the little fella tripped a main transformer in the early hours of 1-1-2000, within an hour, the lights were back on. It was only a crisis for the squirrel. No one knows for sure, but the squirrel is presumed dead. (From Fresh Illustrations)

Baptist Press is reporting that there have been some minor disruptions in Ireland, Maine, Japan, Boston, and New York. Mark Hyatt author of two best selling books on Y2K said, "I have said from the very beginning that this [chronic problems] is the greatest threat and it will take weeks, or perhaps even months, before we will be able to assess the full impact. As a result, I think it is too early to declare victory or to feel badly because you or others made preparations." (BP 1-4-00)

Hyatt may be right, there may still be some problems but as far as I'm concerned, the only bad news ahead is that phrases like Y2K compliant and the lame "Yes to Kia" commercials will still hang around for a few more months.

Before I give you the impression that I was above all the hype, I'll admit, that Friday night, after leaving the New Year's party over at the Buchannan's home, I stopped by the office and tested my computers before turning in for the night.

When all is said and done, Y2K turned out to be Y2Yawn! Why is it that our culture is so quick to listen to prophets of doom?

A man I knew in New Mexico was so convinced that mayhem would follow Y2K that he sold out and moved to a remote location. He stockpiled food, installed a water tank and in effect "checked out" of society. 

He and his wife were preparing for the worse, and the worse happened for him. In late December, he died from complications resulting from a stroke. He spent the valuable final days of his life preparing for 

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