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Get Real

Romans 3:23 

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It appears that reality TV is taking over the airwaves. In an article for the San Francisco Chronicle, Tim Goodman writes, "The numbers were astounding -- more than 18 million people watching 'Joe Millionaire,' more than 17 million watching 'The Bachelorette' and 'Star Search.' More than 10 million for 'Celebrity Mole.' Even on the smaller networks, millions more turned up for 'High School Reunion' and 'The Surreal Life.'"


Personally, I don't know how they can call Joe Millionaire "Reality TV." The whole premise is totally whacked. The producers have Eliza Doolittled a blue-collar guy who is now poising as a millionaire trying to find the woman of his dreams. He hopes she will fall madly in love with him and not notice that their entire relationship is based on deception. Come on, get real, how can he possibly think that a woman who signed up to marry a millionaire won't care about money. Reality? No way, this should be called un-reality TV.

But that's the problem with a trying to be real. Did you catch what I just said, TRYING to be real. In a sense, whenever we try to be real, we're not. Instead, we're projecting a reality. It makes us feel self-conscious-like we're on a first date with someone-you know that sudden realization of how loud we 

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