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What Does God Say When People Pray? (Part 1)
I Kings 18:21

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In I Kings 18, we encounter a group of the children of Israel who drifted away from a vital relationship with God. Their relationship was, well-- convenient, but it wasn't genuine.

While they were in the wilderness, they depended upon God for guidance and sustenance. Yahweh was their provider. Without the Manna God gave, they would die. Have you ever noticed how hard times cause us to depend upon God?

But when they reached Canaan, they encountered a new lifestyle, and a new god. Baal was the Canaanite's fertility god. The locals taught them that if they worshiped Baal, they would have fertile wives, fertile herds, and fertile crops. The last two, fertile herds and crops, were essential for immediate survival, the first one, fertile wives, was essential for long term survival. In the ancient near east, offspring was essential for financial security for old age. The children "honored" their father and mother by providing food, clothing, and shelter when the parents were too old to care for themselves. 

So what should the children of Israel do? I mean, they had to survive didn't they? They decided that when in Canaan, they should do as the Canaanite's do and worship Baal. It was very practical. After all, they had a family to feed and a future to provide for. They worshiped and prayed to Baal for practical reasons, believing that he was the god who could meet their financial needs. But they couldn't ignore the God of their parents either, so they worshiped and prayed to Yahweh for cultural reasons.

Like passing through a cafeteria line, they picked and chose elements out of each religion they would follow. Designer faith, if you will. Sounds very twenty-first century doesn't it?

When we eat out, I've noticed we tend to ask for substitutions. We ask for a salad instead of fries or fruit instead of hash browns. We don't go back to restaurants that don't allow substitutions or charge us extra for them. We want it "our way."

Does this work with our faith? Can we combine faithfulness to God's word, with slight substitutions? Will God allow us to pray to Him and be materialistic at the same time? A better question might be, does God allow materialistic prayers?

Actually, no. It was very problematic for the children of Israel. Among the problems was the breaking of the first commandment Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before Me." and the "schema" Deut. 6:4 "Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one!" These were both foundational teachings in their faith.

It also spawned some unresolvable conflicts. Namely, when people are open to everything, they have no real commitments, and cannot enjoy either allegiance. Modern Christians face this same problem. While striving to serve God, they bow down to the god of materialism believing that the modern day "Baal" can bring happiness. They do not enjoy godliness because their carnality strips them of the joy of their 

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