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Finding Happiness (part 3)

Matthew 5:5

ďBlessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.Ē (NKJV)

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 Today we study the third step in finding happiness, and like the second step, it is requires some reflection to fully understand it.  Jesus says that the meek are happy people and that they will inherit the earth.  I donít know about you, but I wouldnít naturally associate meekness with happiness.  Whenever I hear the work meek I think of someone with a wedgie personality, who allows other people to run all over them.  You know the type Iím speaking of, emotional doormats.  Iíve never looked at a person like that and thought they were happy.

 Do you think Jesus is saying the third step toward happiness is to allow other people to push you around, to be a big fat zero in life?  I donít.  But that is one definition of meekness.

 If you listen to talk radio, watch daytime TV or stayed awake during your psych 101 class in college, youíve probably heard the term passive-aggressive.  This person feigns cooperation, but exhibits behavior that undermines their verbal commitments.  Their behavior is destructive and will unravel a family or other social organization if they arenít stopped. Meek people arenít passive-aggressive, theyíre just passive.  They are spineless jellyfish who acquiesce to any demand or request.  They lie down and play dead at the first sign of disagreement or conflict.  Their behavior says, your rights are important, mine are notódo whatever you wish to me.   The opposite of passive is aggressive.  These people are charging bulls who demand that the world cater to them.  Their behavior says, ďGive in to me because my rights are important and yours are not!Ē

 The passive person is meek.  The aggressive person is arrogant.  The first step to happiness is to be poor in spirit, therefore, we know that Godís will isnít for us to be arrogant, but is He telling us to be passive in this verse?

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