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Mother’s Day

Isaiah 66:13

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“As a mother comforts her son, so I will comfort you, and you will be comforted in Jerusalem.” (HCSB)

 This verse is undoubtedly the greatest compliment Mothers could receive.  When God wanted to use a metaphor to explain the compassion He has for His people, He compared Himself to Mothers.  Mothering and comforting are synonymous.   I don’t want you to get the impression that the Bible takes a “Greeting Card” approach to motherhood.  It doesn’t.  The Bible is a raw, gritty record of the full spectrum of human nature, from depravity to selfless virtue.  In the pages of this great book we encounter women who protected their children from harm right alongside of those who harmed their children.  It shows women who want children, but couldn’t have them and children who had them, but didn’t care for them, as they should have. We meet virtuous women and scandalous ones.  Yet, given those extremes, God chose motherhood as a metaphor for His love and care for His people.

 For some, Mother’s Day is a day of great celebration, for others, it is a painful day of regret and loss.  Nevertheless, for all, it is a day worthy of reflection and resolve.   It is a day that reminds us to show appreciation to those who don’t always feel appreciated for what they do. 

 Recently, twelve social science researches who formed the Mother’s Council and Motherhood Project surveyed over 2000 mothers who had children under the age of 18 and discovered that they derive satisfaction from being a mother but most of them don’t feel appreciated for what they do.

 They found that mothers downplayed the “stress and strain” of motherhood, and 97% of the women 

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