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Fair and Balanced 

Eccles. 3:1

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"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven."  (NASB) 

Last year the Woman's US Gymnastics' team captured the world championship in Anaheim California, but didn't fair so well in the first day of competition in the Olympic Games in Athens.  The Romanians edged them out in the standings.  Carly Patterson, one of the US gymnasts had a stellar day, leading in the all around competition. Things didn't go quite so well for Courtney McCool who had some problems on the balance beam and stumbled on her dismount.  Commenting on the problems, team captain Mohini Bhardwaj, said ``It's not a big deal. We still have another day of competition. Let's move on. She didn't make any mistakes. She just went aggressive.'' (

Sometimes being too aggressive can cause a person to lose balance in their lives.  In this case, she literally lost her balance on the balance beam, but other times, figuratively it can cause a person to get out of balance.

 How balanced is your life?  I know there have been times in my life when I've been terribly out of balance because I've gone too aggressive at something.  OK, to be totally honest, that last statement was a whopping understatement.

 Because I don't want to get too personal and share all my deep dark secrets, let me illustrate what I mean by telling you about a hobby or two I've picked up over the years. My first "adult" hobby was photography. I learned how to take pictures and develop them during a college course. I took the course with a borrowed camera and the school's darkroom equipment, but later, I decided I  needed my own stuff. Now I have several SLR cameras, all kinds of lenses,  two tripods a couple of digital cameras and of course my PDA takes pictures too. Until our last garage sale, I also had a full darkroom set-up.

 When we lived in Southern California, I took up golfing. Some men in the Church wanted me to play with them so they bought me some lessons at a local Country Club so I'd be good enough. I started with a cheap set of clubs, but graduated to a full set of Link's Irons, woods, and a nice leather bag. I even owned my own electric cart for a while until I traded it to a plumber as a barter for him hooking our house up to the sewer line to get it off of a septic system.

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