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Saturday I did something that many people feel is impossible for me-I didn't talk. Why?

With the slip of a surgeon's scalpel, several years ago, I lost the ability to speak--a fairly important skill to a preacher. My world crashed in around me.

As weeks became months, I drifted into depression and was losing hope. It wasn't the cancer that scared me, my prognosis was good-it was the thought that without a voice, I was useless to God, my church and my family that paralyzed me. It was beginning to look like I'd never preach again.

Then on January 29th, after a year of silence and partial silence, God restored my voice and extended my ministry. And I am grateful. So every year, on the anniversary of that date, I honor the Lord with a speech fast to help me remember.

I remember that when I preach, it is God's words, not my words that I speak. I remember that without His power, I could never speak them-literally.

I remember that God's people are good. His church did not turn their back on me, but supported me through my trial. I remember the friend that rubbed baby oil on my son when his worry made him break out in hives on the night of my surgery. I remember the Sunday School class that passed the hat to pay for my airplane ticket to receive the surgery that healed me. I remember the denominational executive that told me he'd see that my pulpit was filled for up to six months while I recuperated.

I remember that God cares. I remember that even in my darkest moment, God was there. I will never forget the touch of His unseen hand on my soul.

A speech fast wasn't that hard. With so much to remember and be grateful for, I didn't have time to talk anyway.

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