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As we are finalizing our plans to vacation in the mountains of Colorado, I only have one concern, can I survive without Survivor? Yes, I'm addicted. 

Right now I'm developing some strategies to make it without my weekly Wednesday night fix. For instance, instead of going shopping at the Safeway in Gunnison, we can try to live off the land. We could bonk a chipmunk upside the head, or throw a rock at one of the birds. I'm sure there are some grub worms under one of those rocks. Also, we could make a spear out of aspen branches and try our hand at spear fishing. 

We could have contests to see who gets the last cupcake or gets to use soap when they shower. And every three days we could have a tribal counsel and vote one of the members of our family off the mountain. If somebody doesn't pull their weight, we'll snuff out their torch, and send them packing.

What is it about that show that it has America watching? Is it the "real TV" aspect? Not for me, with the sharp editing, it doesn't seem all that real. Is it the thrill of watching someone win a million dollars? No, Regis gives that kind of money away for answering a few questions without requiring the contestants to eat rats. For me it is the dynamics of the human relationships as they struggle to survive--together. I'm not so sure I'll like it as much when the teams get smaller. Really, I don't know how anyone can survive if it means being alone.

So, how will I survive without "Survivor?" I'll talk to Susan about the "living off the land" thing, complete with the competitions and tribal counsel, but I bet she tells me to set the VCR to record the show while I'm gone and catch up on all the nitty gritty details if I survive the vacation.

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