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God's Autograph in the Sky

Have you ever watched children build a "castle" out of Lego blocks? They don't develop architectural drawings or do structural analysis, instead, they just start sticking blocks together. On rare occasions, they cooperate, usually the play time ends when one child gets frustrated and knocks the blocks over.

That is exactly what happened last week with Garry Kasparov in his chess competition with Deep Blue, IBM's super computer. Mr. Kasparov is the World's reigning world champion, and perhaps the best chess player ever, but he cracked under the pressure of the match and resigned while in a drawn position. He wasn't beaten-- he didn't need to resign, but he did.

God got so frustrated with man that He decided to would destroy the world. He told Noah to build an ark to provide safety for a remnant while he destroyed everything else. Noah spent 120 years building the ark, then God opened heaven's windows and poured his wrath down on mankind.

Flooding and devastation was everywhere, except on the ark. Noah rose above the water because he followed God's instructions.

When the waters fell, God's mercy rose. He made an agreement with Noah that He would never again destroy the earth with a flood and he signed the covenant in the sky with a rainbow.

Physically, a rainbow results when light refracts through a prism and separates into the light spectrum. Spiritually, it is a signature of God's mercy. The word used for rainbow literally means "war bow." God's covenant with man is that He will no longer "be at war" with us, He's hung his war bow in the sky to prove it.

Next time the storms come, look for God's autograph in the sky. Look for it in your personal trials too, God doesn't want to "be at war" with you, look closely, you'll see His loving signature on your soul.

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