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The Call

Another date with Ted Koppel, Josephine thinks as she listens to her constant companion, the TV. She carries the hot TV dinner through the hallway into the living room and settles into her Victorian chair for another lonely evening at home. 

As she peels back the foil, steam rises from her dinner, fogging her glasses. The phone rings. Who could that be? She thinks. Josephine takes off her glasses and finds the receiver by the third ring.

"Hello . . .Johnny, so nice to hear from you, it's been so long . . . Oh, my, is she all right?. . .Of course I will . . .sure. . . how much do you need? . . . $500.00? . . .that's a lot of money, but I'll find a way. . .nice to talk to you too son, come see me some time. . .yeah, I know you're busy . . .I love you."

Where did I put my glasses? Oh, there they are. Her eyes slowly coming into focus. Swiss steak, green peas and potatoes. Again.

She bows her head and prays.

"Thank you Lord, for Johnny's call. Please help little Jennifer's arm heal, I know how difficult wearing a cast can be for a little girl. And please bless this meal. A-men."

Josephine cuts a small piece of the Swiss steak, turns up the volume on Koppel. Sure nice to hear from Johnny. She thinks. I hope Jennifer will be OK. Sure nice to hear from Johnny. 

I just wish he'd call when nothing is wrong. Just to talk. Just because he loves me.

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. (Mark 1:35 KJV)

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