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Tough Choice

"I've got great news for you," Varner's agent said, "A major publisher wants to buy your manuscript!" That was good news. Varner had already exhausted his savings during the two years it took him to write the book. He was ready to cash a pay check. "There's only one catch," the agent continued, "they want you to take out all the Christian stuff from the book."

Sam Varner left his successful practice as a personal trainer to write his book, Slimmer, Younger, Stronger to bring his message of health to the world. Top Olympic athletes like Picabo Street and Tommy Moe had already benefitted from his help, but Sam had a passion to improve the lives of everyone, not just the elite.

Varner had a choice to make. He could edit out his chapters on positive thinking and prayer and cash a check for the huge advance they promised. But in doing so, he would be selling out. Varner believes that good health is a combination of proper breathing, drinking the right amount of water, getting enough exercise, making good choices in the kinds of food we eat and being spiritually fit. Taking Christ out of the program would compromise what he believes.

When the long awaited call came from the editor assigned to his project, Varner said "No thank you" to the publisher and turned down the money they were ready to send him. He may of lost the book deal, but he kept his integrity and knew that the God that gave him the passion to preach his message of good health would provide a publisher for him. It was a dark day, a day of testing, but a day that ushered in a stronger resolve and passion.

Last year, Varner's agent called him again. This time with better news. Element Books wanted to make Slimmer, Younger, Stronger their lead book in 2000 and wanted to release it in hardback in the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada.

With his new book in hand, Varner is going on a National tour, sponsored by the publisher, to promote his book and spread his message of good health across the nation. All because of his passion, patience, and faith in God.

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