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Classic Christians

I'd love to own a 66 Ford Mustang. Susan had one before we were married but gave it away to a friend when the car broke down. I've often agonized that I didn't meet her a few years earlier, who knows, she may have given it to me.

I was just a little boy in '66 when the pony first took to the road. A teenager in our Church drove one and took me for a ride. It was a red convertible; I was in love.

Today the 66 Mustang, in great condition, costs more than it did when it was new. Collectors consider it a classic automobile. It has enduring value.

Why is a Mustang a classic and a 76 Vega just an old car? The difference is reliability, style and durability.

As you get older, do you want to be a classic, or just old? The key is reliability, style and durability.

Are you a reliable person? Can people count on you? Do you live up to your word?

Do you live life with style and splash? Are you a classy person? Have you found ways to put "zing" into your years?

How durable are you? Can you roll with the punches and bounce back when you are down?

That's the way Caleb lived, he was active and wanting to serve God even in his old age.

[11] As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in. [12] Now therefore give me this mountain. . . Joshua 14:11-12

Don't grow old--become a classic individual. Learn to put life into your years as God blesses you with years to your life.

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