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A chicken and a pig were walking through the streets of New York city one day. They enjoyed the new sights and strange aromas as they casually strolled through the "Big Apple."

Their fascination turned into conversation when they noticed a small boy playing at the bottom of a tenement stoop. His clothes were tattered, his hair mussed and his face was dirty. He had a dull gaze in his eyes, he looked very unhappy.

The pig said to the chicken: "I wished we could take this boy back to the farm with us and let him run in the fields ." "That would be wonderful," responded the chicken, "he could play in the barn, ride the pony and fish in the pond."

"We can't take him with us, his mother would miss him. But, I'd like to get involved and do something for him though, do you have any ideas Miss Chicken." "Yes," she responded, "I have a splendid idea, let's feed the little boy a good country breakfast, If we can't take him to the country, let's bring the country to him."

Mr. pig was delighted with Miss chicken's notion, so he asked: "What shall we feed him." "Well, bacon and eggs of course." "Where will we get these things?" "That a silly question," responded the chicken, I'll lay the egg, and you give the bacon!"

"WAIT A MINUTE MISS CHICKEN" yelled the pig, "laying an egg is getting involved all right. . .but giving the bacon is total commitment!"

Do you dabble in faith or are you the kind of Christian that "brings home the bacon?" "Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." Matthew 16:24

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