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Get Creative

I don't watch a lot of television during the fall and winter, there just isn't a lot to watch after the World Series and before Spring Training, but I have found a show that is become an addiction to me-The Discovery Channel's Monster Garage. It is awesome. Jessie James, assembles a crew of mechanics to transform an ordinary automobile into a custom machine. They do more than trick the cars out, they literally transform them. In one episode, they made a school bus into a pontoon boat that really floated, in another they made a Limousine into a fire truck that put out a fire. Another time, they turned a Mustang into a lawn mower that cut grass at 60 miles per hour. My personal favorite was the time they turned a car into a hot air balloon. 

The rules are simple, the crew has seven days and $3000.00 to use to make the transformation. The automobile has to operate in its normal form and then transform into its new form. If they are successful, each of the crew gets a $3500.00 set of tools to take home with them and the satisfaction of doing the impossible.

I love this show-it is awesome. Why? I'm not a mechanical person. I almost never work on my own car. I like it for the same reason I watch "This Old House," or I used to watch Bob Ross paint every Saturday Morning on PBS. I like being around the creative process. There is something that comes alive in me when I watch other people create something. It is the same buzz I get when I am creative.

Where does that yearning for being creative come from? I believe it comes from God. No, I'm not saying that God is implanting a special desire in my heart to watch Monster Garage. But I do believe that God has given us the desire to create. And I know that when I create, I feel close to Him. 

Because when we are creative, we are taking after our Father.

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