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The Koran mentions Jesus and gives enough information to pique a Muslim's attention about Christ. Chapter 3:42-55 of the Koran is almost identical to Luke chapter 2. It mentions the Virgin Birth, that Jesus was righteous, and that He performed miracles-including raising the dead to life. At the end of the passage it says that God says to Jesus, "you will come to me and I will lift your followers above all people of the world." A missionary to Bangladesh recently told me, "It doesn't lift Jesus up to Savior status, but it does lift him above prophet status." It provides enough information to give the dreams context.

The missionary told me about a dream that led a Muslim Man to find Christ. In his dream, he saw a big crowd of people that was trying to get to a man in the middle of the crowd who had a veil over his face. He began to make his way through the crowd to touch the man, and he was able to get close enough to see him, but before he could touch him, he woke up. He couldn't believe it. He thought that the man was Jesus, but he wanted confirmation. So he spent the next three years wondering if the man in the dream was really Jesus. 

On a business trip he walked into a Catholic Church and saw a painting of Jesus-it had the same face as the man in his dream. He had his answer. But his journey wasn't over, now he needed to find someone who could tell him about Jesus, the man in his dream. It is not against the law to preach the gospel in Bangladesh, but it is discouraged and the authorities will throw those who proselyte people to Christianity in jail. So he couldn't casually thumb through the yellow pages and pick out a church. But by the providence of God, he found one of the eight nationals who work with our missionary as evangelists. The evangelist led him to faith in Jesus. This time, it wasn't the man trying to touch Jesus, but Jesus reached out his nail-scarred hand and touched him and set him free from the bondage of his sin and saved his soul.

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