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Eternal Life

How much would you pay for eternal life? The editors of WORTH MAGAZINE recently asked some of our country's wealthiest citizens that very question.

The rich young ruler asked Jesus a form of this very question when he asked: "Good teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?" (Mark 10:17)

Outwardly, this man had it all. He was young, wealthy and powerful, yet he wanted more. Inwardly, something was missing. He worried about his eternal destiny.

Showing due respect, he knelt before Jesus and called Him "Good Teacher." Before the man could continue, Jesus interrupted him and asked him why he called Him "good."

Jesus wasn't being contentious, rather, He was leading the young man into spiritual introspection. Did he know Jesus was God? Is this why he called Him good, or was he just being polite?

No doubt he was searching for an answer. His curiosity certainly motivated him. The question Jesus asked him went straight to the reason for the motivation. Did he think Jesus was an answer, or did he know He is the answer? Did he think Jesus was good or did he know He is God?

God does not want to be one of our solutions; He wants us to trust in Him exclusively. The rich young ruler learned that he had to stop trusting in his wealth and follow Jesus.

On average, the wealthy women, responding to the magazines' survey would pay just over $300,000.00. The men were a bit more generous, they would give a cool million. Unfortunately, money can't reserve them a spot in heaven. Fortunately, salvation is available to all who will accept Jesus as their Savior

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