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Should We feed our Kids?

We decided not to feed our kids this month. We think this will save us quite a bit of money, and we need it. Why?

We have some unexpected medical bills, the doctors want their money; we have to pay our bills. What will people think of us if we don't?

Our Anniversary was a couple of weeks ago. I went a little bit over budget for our anniversary meal. We have to cut back somewhere.

We're planning a vacation next month. Have you seen the gas prices lately? This trip is going to cost us a fortune. We've been working hard, we deserve the trip.

I really need some new fishing tackle. I plan on doing a lot of fishing, lures aren't cheap, and I have quite a habit of losing them.

Wait a minute--these are our kids and our money; if we don't want to feed them it is our business. Don't push your convictions upon us. You may think it is important to feed your kids, but that doesn't mean you have the right to tell us to feed ours.

Look--the laws about food are in the Old Testament. I'm not bound by those commands am I?

Why is it so easy it is to find an excuse for something you don't want to do? Have you noticed that you always find a way to pay for things that are really important to you?

Ok--relax, I'm going to feed my kids this month. I'll also give my tithe to the church because it is really important to me. Will you?

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