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Frank must have thought, what part of "no" doesn't this guy understand?Every time I see him, he keeps trying to shove religion down my throat.When is he going to stop? After a while, Frank became so enraged by John's constant witness that he'd curse at John when he'd share his faith.

For John, it wasn't personal with Frank, he loved the Lord and talked about him with his truck driving buddies at breaks and stops. John wasn't trying to force anybody to do anything, he was just excited about his faith so he talked about it.

Sometimes, John would only talk to a person once and they'd make a decision to follow Christ. That's the way it was with the guy he met while picking up canned apple sauce in Yakima, Washington. John was waiting to be loaded when he saw the big guy out of the corner of his eye. The guy was 6' 5" if he was an inch.

John walked over, and began talking about his family, before you know it, he was talking about his Lord and the big guy was choking up and starting crying. That day, beside a loading dock in Yakima, Washington, the man found Christ. John never saw him again. 

That's not the way it was with Frank. They drove for the same company and saw each other several times a week. And every time they saw each other, the conversation would turn to matters of faith.

Frank never listened, that is until his family began to fall apart. This time he sought John out, after hearing the gospel again, placed his faith in Christ. Today, Frank is still having conversations with truck drivers about Christ, but this time, it is him doing the talking.

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