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Here's what our readers are saying:

Comments From FreshStart Readers

Thanks for these words of encouragement. I really needed to hear them today. M. H.

I enjoy reading your newsletter each week.. Sometimes I read it several times and when times are really rough I think back to what you are saying and it gives me much comfort. May God Bless and Keep you in your ministry... V. P.

It is so refreshing and wonderful that your church is providing such an uplifting service for people free of charge. K. K. 

Thank you and God bless your ministry and the work that you are doing. We have to be very careful these days as to what we sign up for and it is very reassuring to be able to read your doctrine of faith . Bea Enlund

Thank you for displaying this devotional on suicide. As I told you I had a friend who considered suicide. Since you were honest with all of us, I feel I should be honest with you. I was that friend who considered suicide. I lost my best friend do to a really bad mistake I made. Which I feel guilty about because she won't let me apologize and hear my side of the story. I think on top of my family situation, the normal stresses of teenagers and Mrs. Bigler leaving it was just to much for me to handle. I thank you for sending the devotional out. God bless!! K. B.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time and for being a blessing to others. I just started getting your devotions and really have been encouraged by them. C. H.

Thank you so much for your Monday devotional thoughts. I enjoy them. K. C.

This really spoke to me. I had feared for many years that I was the only pastor who had been so insensitive in my own "green" years. I released something tonight that I had been holding in my heart too long. Thank you and God bless-- R. N.

Thanks for the FreshStart each week, I enjoy it. Z. S.

I am 15 years old wanted to let you know you all are doing a good job and i will pray for you and your Ministry. J. H.

Very encouraging devotional today. Just what I needed! J.

I'm a new user of the Internet. I found and read your well written devotional this morning. Thank you. B. H.

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