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Guardian Angels

Lady was a big, black, beautiful German Shepherd mix. Susan got her for "free." You know what that means don't you? The owner says: "If you'll pay for the shots, feed her, build her a house, repair the yard she destroys and mend the fence she breaks, I'll not charge you to take her off my hands." Free--that word should not be allowed in reference to an animal.

She was our first family dog, we all loved her. She was less than a year old, Jamie was entering Kindergarten . . . I suppose they were about the same age in "dog years."

Lady had a terrible habit of digging in the back yard or crawling under the fence to run in the corn field across the road from our house. Eventually we bought a "doggie" fence that zzzzzzzzzzzzaped her when she tried to escape.

One sunny afternoon I got a call from Susan. "Jim, lady got out and Jamie went chasing after her . . . I don't know where they are."

I know it made perfect sense to Jamie to chase after the dog. After all he was SIX years old! A big boy like him can take care of just about everything, he can tie his own shoes, pour his own catsup and can certainly cross four lane roads safely, right?

I did two things immediately. First, I began to pray that God would watch over him. Second, I got in the car and went looking for him.

Thirty minutes later we found them a half a mile and several busy streets from the house. Do I believe in guardian angels? I do, especially when I look into Jamie's big brown eyes.

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