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God's Will

Does knowing God's will impact what you do and don't do? There are some things that we know are God's will. We know God wants us to read our Bible, pray and attend Church. I don't have to pray about whether I should love my wife today or provide for my Children.

Other things require a search for the will of God. Some times God's will shows us that we are to do something, other times He shows us something that we shouldn't do.

David was a man after God's own heart. We remember him best for his courageous stand against Goliath the Philistine. Though Goliath was a seasoned warrior of great reputation, David would not let "that uncircumcised philistine" mock the armies of God.

The young shepherd boy took his sling shot, five smooth stones, and the confidence of a man on a mission from God into battle. In the center of God's will, David lost his fear, and Goliath lost his head. David was willing to do God's will after he learned it.

David was a doer, yet one time God stopped David from doing something--He stopped him from building the temple. Not because David was evil, but because God had other plans for him. David showed he was willing not to do something because of God's direction.

Do you want to know God's will or do you want to do God's will? Most people have a natural curiosity to want to know what God wants, but that does not mean they want to do what He wants.

Are you willing to do what He wants you to do? Are you ready to forgo something you want to do, if God doesn't want you to?

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