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Great Game

Every now and then I still catch a few minutes of the Andy Griffith Show when I'm flipping through the channels looking for a Baseball Game. Andy had to be the best father in the whole world. From the opening frames that show father and son walking with their fishing poles, whistling as they go, to the closing credits, the whole Mayberry, Father/Son lifestyle appeals to me.

But it also makes me feel just a little bit inadequate. I'm not sure I was that kind of son or am that kind a father. To be honest with you, the parent/child relationship, in both directions is among the hardest relationships I've ever had. I desperately want to be a good son, but don't think I've always been. Just like I want to be a good father, but don't always feel equipped to do the job.

Oh I've read tons of books and have spent hours thinking the father/son relationship through, and I've tried to do well in both directions, but know I've fallen short of the Mayberry standard. But every now and then I experience a moment that brings great satisfaction and makes me glad I'm a Father and a Son.

Last year I got playoff tickets to a game between the A's and the Yankees. It was our chance to sweep the Bronx bombers. The parking lot was sold out and we had to walk from Cleveland to get to our seats. Behind us was some guys using foul language throughout the game and to top it off the umpire called Jeremy Giambi out as he tried to score from 1st. I could plainly see from my seat 200 yards away that the guy was safe. It was a lousy game, we lost and eventually lost our playoff spot.

But sitting next to me was my Dad and my son. Come to think of it, it was a great game.

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