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Steve had a Catholic background and really didn't want to go to the Baptist Church with his new bride, but it was the family's church and he felt obligated to keep their Sunday tradition. He merely tolerated their religious talk, but sincerely enjoyed the Sunday dinners with his in-laws.

Week after week, he sat on the pew, listening to the preacher talk. He didn't know it, but when he did, his in-laws were praying for his Salvation. One week it happened, the gospel broke through his obligation and changed his heart. Today he isn't just sitting on that pew, he is active in the church's evangelism ministry, bringing other people to Christ.

"Gail" didn't think the gospel applied to her at all, and didn't think she needed to listen to it. Because of her Scientology background she didn't believe in hell, and since she didn't believe in hell, she didn't feel a personal need for salvation. But she did enjoy attending the prayer meeting for Spiritual Awakening held every Tuesday night at Grace Church. She enjoyed the people, the atmosphere, and oddly enough she enjoyed listening to the passionate prayers of the Christ followers that gathered for the meeting.

Whenever Pastor Cliff would present the gospel to her, she'd remind him that she didn't believe in hell and didn't need Salvation from anything, but she didn't seem the least bit offended by his persistence. She kept coming back.

Before long, Cliff began praying out loud for Gail's salvation at the meetings. Not only did he long for a spiritual awakening in the nation, he wanted one in his friend's heart.

One Monday, Gail stopped by Cliff's office to talk. Patiently, Cliff listened for almost an hour as she spilled her problems. Finally, Cliff asked, "How miserable are you going to have to get before you give your heart to Christ?" "I don't know," she said. "Are you ready to take that 18 inch journey form your heart to your head and accept Christ as your Savior now?" Gail said yes, and Pastor Cliff prayed with her to receive Christ.

The next night, Gail couldn't wait to come to the Tuesday prayer meeting. When she did, she told the group that their prayers were answered for her salvation. Then she joined them as they prayed for the spiritual awakening that happened in her heart to happen across the nation.

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17 KJV) 

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