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Hole in the Head

Try as she might, Janet couldn't focus. She tried to listen as Dan explained to her what it meant to be a Christ follower and how she could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but she just couldn't get it.

But she didn't give up. She returned week after week to the "New Beginnings" class at her Northern California Church and listened as Dan patiently told her again how she could know Christ, but it just didn't register.

There was a fog she couldn't get through. And then there were the headaches and the fainting spells. 

What was happening? 

The last thing she remembered was walking into the kitchen.

The doctors explained to her that her friend found her, unconscious on the floor and rushed her to the hospital. After extensive testing they believe she has a brain tumor that needs to be removed.

Janet signed the permission form and the doctors cut a hole in her head to remove the tumor. When she recovered, the fog was gone and she could concentrate again.

She returned to her church and enrolled in the "New Beginnings" class again. This time when Dan presented the gospel to her, everything clicked, and she placed her trust in Jesus.

Today she is a radical follower of Jesus Christ, ministering in Jesus' name to people with brain tumors. She organized the "hole in the head gang" as a support group where she can touch people who are hurting and present the gospel to them.

Sometimes, God uses the very thing that keeps us from enjoying life as a platform to touch hurting people, and when He does, our pain becomes His glory. 

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