Jim Wilson's (see bio) Fresh Start Devotionals  are posted for the spiritual edification of readers. Lay ministers may use them freely to aid in their teaching ministry. Fresh Ministry does request pastors become premium members (one time fee) if they wish to use these devotionals in their churches.


Jan -Mar 
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FreshStart Devotionals Topical Index

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 America's Spirit
 ask me
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 a blessed life


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 Can't Pray
 cheap gas
 cheerful giver
 christmas decorations
 christmas prayer
 9-11 Christmas
 city lights
 a costly gift
 The Cure
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 degrees of sin
 do it yourself
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 Estel's prayer
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 falling walls
 family worship
 forever friends
 fresh start
 friendly skies
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 guardian angels
 getting real
 God's anointed
 God's dreams
 God's desire
 God's Economy
 God's people
 God's voice
 God's will
 good from evil
 great game
 greatest gift
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 he did
 helping hands
 holding my tongue
 hole in the head
 honoring your mother
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 knowing Him
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 leveraging culture
 light in the kitchen
 love made her do it
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 mind your own business
 mystery of God
 mothers day
 mothers day
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 New year
 no regrets
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 the obvious
 on mission
 one  nation
 o ring
 our nature
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 playing it safe
 pleasing God
 power of words
 precious gift

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 real deal
 rip off
 Rosa Parks
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 second chances
 servant leadership
 small things
 spirit of christmas
 starting line
 staying young
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 true love
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 the virgin joseph
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 walking by faith
 weather rock
 what now
 when fear falls
 why me
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Impact Preaching: A
                              Case for the
                              one-pointexpositiory sermon