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What Was it Like to Know?

The headlines in 1942 included the allied forces victory of the battle of the Midway. In Boston, there was a tragic fire in the Coconut Grove night club that killed 491. Byron Nelson won the Masters in a playoff victory and Stanton Delaplane of the San Francisco Chronicle won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting.

No one noticed the birth of a baby in Louisville Kentucky. As an adult, he won an Olympic gold medal in 1960 and the heavyweight crown in 1964. His mother named him Cassius Clay, we know him as Muhammad Ali.

Do you think his mother knew that he would change history? Probably not.

In 1889, New York won the National League Pennant with an 83-43 season. Washington joined the union as our 42nd State and the Indian territory of Oklahoma was opened for settlement. On a sadder note, thousands died in a Johnstown Pennsylvania flood.

Americans had no idea that half way around the world a baby was born in Braunau Austria that would alter their future. Do you think Mrs. Hitler knew that she was holding pure human terror in her arms? No, surely she didn't.

Quirinius was governor, and Augustus the King decided to take a census. Some brilliant men noticed some celestial lights in the sky.

In a Bethlehem barn, a little boy was born who would change history. Do you think Mary knew that her Son would save the world? What was it like to hold the Son of God in her arms? How did it feel to see His arms outstretched on the cross?

What was it like to know?

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