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In his book, The Power of Loving Your Church, David Hansen shows his readers Christ's love in action in the church. One story especially touched me.

While ministering in Rural Montana, David met a feisty 94-year old blind woman whose fierce independence buffeted his early attempts to minister to her. She chopped her own wood, cooked her own meals and wouldn't accept help from anyone, much less the preacher. She would, however, allow him to drop by to give her the Lord's Supper.

For the longest time, he couldn't convince her that people loved her. "Love isn't in the Bible," she said, "The Bible calls it charity, not love." He continued to be faithful to minister to her on her terms.

With time, she began to allow the church to bring meals by and even let the Pastor chop some wood for her. Her cold exterior began to thaw. The church started helping her with her bills and assisted her niece in cleaning up around the place. Pastor David began chopping wood for her on a regular basis-it was his way of showing Christ's love for one of His children.

Before her hundredth birthday, she went into a local nursing home where she receives the care she needs. Though Pastor David didn't need to chop wood for her anymore, he continued to minister to her. In his book, he describes what happened after stopping by the nursing home to give her communion one day.

"Upon rising to leave, I stoop over and give her a hug. She reaches up and returns my embrace." Before leaving, he tells her something powerful "'I have charity for you, Kathryn," And she responds, "Well, that's nice, a person needs a lot of that." (Hansen, 169-170)

Christ's love, excuse me, charity can melt the hardest heart and heal the deepest hurts. Kathryn was right, a person needs a lot of it.

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