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My brothers formed a club when I was five years old. They had a neat clubhouse (an old, dusty tool shed) a thriving membership (three or four other kids), and a membership policy (you had to be at least six years old to join).

Do the math--I was out! "I can't wait until next year," I said, "then I'll be old 'nough to join your club." My brother was quick to reply, "by then the age requirement will be seven."

Now, don't start feeling sorry for me. The truth is, I was a scrawny little "tag-a-long" brother. I'm sure my brothers got tired of having to walk slower so I could keep up, or watching

me while Mom and Dad went somewhere. They just wanted some peace and quiet.

Have you ever been left out of something important? How did it make you feel?

I remember the first building program I ever led. At that time, the Church only averaged 25 people and yet they sold their small building to relocate and build a much larger building. With the help of other Churches, we successfully built the building with a total cost of $27.00 a square foot, about half the going rate. You would think that in such a small church, everyone would get involved. They didn't. After the building program, one family criticized me for not nudging them to get involved when they did not respond to the general appeal. I thought, "great, not only did you leave me to do most of the work, but now I'm the bad guy because you didn't do your part." Why were they mad? They felt left out.

Being left out of a club, or a building program is one thing--missing eternal life is another one. If you've never accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord, why not do so today.

If you have, why not share your faith with someone.

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