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It doesn't seem to matter how much we make, we usually find a way to spend it, but by the same token, it doesn't seem to matter how many unexpected expenses we have, we've always found a way to pay the bills. Finances can be like the ocean in that respect there are times of high tide and low tide, but in the end, it all seems to even out.

Why is that?

Some of it is money management. We've always tried to remain debt free and live within our means. When times are good, we stash some of it away for a "rainy day" and indulge ourselves more. During lean times, we draw on our reserves and are more careful with our purchases.

But I think there's more to it than money management.

There was the time when we were first married and didn't have a refrigerator that our church passed the hat and bought us one. And then there was the time we had a tax bill that looked impossible when I got unexpected work that paid more than I expected. But then there was the hardest time of all . . .

After two surgeries and a radiation treatment, we were drained, financially and otherwise. My voice was good enough to get by (barely), but one afternoon I sat and listened to a sermon tape and began to weep. My raspy voice was such a distraction it was getting in the way of the message. That day I made the decision to fly to Nashville to get a third surgery from a world renowned physician. My insurance would cover most of the medical bills. Baptist Hospital agreed to waive the deductible but there was still the issue of the transportation charges.

As I was getting ready to leave, Floyd, one of the members of the men's "fellowship class" handed me an envelope. The class passed the hat and raised enough money to pay my airfare and have some "spending money" for the trip.

Yeah, its more than money management its God and the generosity of His people.

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