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Merry Noel?

I am really enjoying the Christmas season this year. I've got all my shopping done, well--almost. We've made our plans and look forward to every single day of celebration and relaxation. This year, we're trying to focus on "the true meaning of Christmas."

Speaking of the meaning of Christmas, there is something I just don't understand. Why do we sing No "L" every Christmas? Could you imagine a Christmas without the letter "L?"

Without "L," we could not talk about Jesus bringing eterna_ _ife into the wor_d. Wasn't that the purpose of the virgin birth, the chi_d in the manger, the ange_s on high, the shepherds in the fie_d, and the kings with the gifts?

How can we tell people about God's _ove without the letter "L?" John 3:16 just wouldn't be the same. "For God so _oved the wor_d that He gave . . ." Christmas is a celebration of _ove. Because God _oved us and gave, we give to those we _ove.

What would Christmas be without _aughter? How could we express our joy when we watch our chi_dren open their presents? The conversation around the dinner tab_e wou_d be so ordinary. We'd lose the joy.

What's that?

Oh, its not No "L" we sing, its Noel.

The dictionary entry says: No-el (noh-el) n. (In carols) Christmas. Its just another word for Christmas. Well, in that case, never mind.

Merry Noel to you, and a happy New Year!

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