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“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1 (KJV) 

The independent commission investigating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack reported that the rescue efforts were hampered by a "Rivalry between New York's police and fire departments." Their report said, "This rivalry has been acknowledged by every witness we have asked about it."

Cooperation, not competition is what was needed on that gloomy day. We can never accomplish extraordinary things until we set aside our own ambitions and throw all our efforts into the common good, instead of putting energy into unhealthy rivalries.

We are always at our best when we work together. Before the great day of Pentecost could occur, the people had to be in one place, in one accord. 

In his book New Life For Your Church, Doyle Young tells a story of the founding of the Anti-peg Baptist Church. In the late l800s there were just two deacons in a small Baptist church in Mayfield County, Kentucky. One Sunday, one of the deacons put up a small wooden peg in the back wall so the minister could hang up his hat. When the other deacon discovered the peg, he was outraged that he had not been consulted. Before long, the church took sides and eventually split. To this day, the story goes, you can find in Mayfield County, Kentucky, the Anti-peg Baptist Church. (p. 63)

When I was pastoring in New Mexico I told this story in a sermon and commented how silly it was that a church would split over something as inconsequential as a peg on the wall or the color of the carpet or what side of the auditorium the piano was on. After the message someone told me that our church had in fact split a few years after the pastor moved the piano to the other side of the stage. “Well, I just moved it a couple months ago and no one said a thing,” I said. “That’s because you moved it back to the right side,” was their answer.

We can do good things on our own, but can only do great things when we work together.

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