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When I pray for my children, I always pray for the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. While I want them to have good jobs and do well financially, Iíve always been more concerned that they grow into men who fear and honor God. That has been my constant prayer for themĖthat they will have a vibrant relationship with the Lord. 

OK, praying a prayer is easyĖsomething every parent does for their children. As important as it is, it pales in comparison to the prayer that Iíve lived for my children. You see, I donít think prayer is just talking to God, I think it is the way we live before Him too. In 1 Peter 2:12 the King James Version begins with, ďHaving your conversation honest...Ē The New American Standard Bible translates the same verse, ďKeep your behavior excellent...Ē There was a time in the English language when conversation and behavior meant the same thing. In current usage it doesnít because we understand it is possible to say one thing while not living consistent with our speech.

Thatís what I mean by the prayer Iíve lived for my children. While they donít know what I pray in private for them, they do know the prayer Iíve lived before them. 

I have not lived my life before them to be an exampleĖbut I know I have been an example. I hope theyíve noticed that havenít just stuck my toe in the pool and went back to sun on the deck, but that Iíve jumped off the high diving board, and have followed Christ with reckless abandon. I hope they will remember my example and follow it.

But I also hope they havenít noticed everything Because there has been more than one time where Iíve belly-flopped. So many times Iíve lost perspective and misaligned my priorities. I hope they donít have such good memories about those times

I suppose there is plenty of evidence that Iíve been a good example and a bad one. Today when I prayed for my sons, I prayed God would bless them with a good memory. And a bad one. I would consider both a blessing of God.

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