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My Grandfather was a hardworking, custom combine operator. He worked long hard hours. Life was never easy for him, I don't think he ever wanted an easy life. My Grandmother? Now that's another story. She tried to live a pampered life on the road. Grandlady insisted that Grumps buy her an air conditioned Pontiac for her to drive as they drove the harvest trail from Texas to Montana. Grumps was more comfortable in his Chevy truck with the gun rack on the back window.

One summer, my Grandparents followed the harvest through the community where my family lived. I have very pleasant memories of that trip. We visited with my Grandlady in her trailer and ate at "The Green Frog Cafe," with my Grumps.

I also have some unpleasant memories of the visit. One hot, windy summer day, Grumps invited me to ride on his combine with him. This was not one of those luxury "Jonnie poppers," (his term for John Deere Tractors with air conditioned cabs) we were riding high on his red Massey. No air conditioning, no cab, no options . . . just a plain ole "working man's" machine.

The day began with a burning pride. I was proud of my Grumps, I loved being with him. He let me play in the grain bin, and even steer the machine. After a few hours, I was through, ready to go home. My pride turned to burning scratches. I learned an important lesson that day, you don't scratch the chaff itches, they only get worse.

I begged Grumps to take me home, he didn't. After all, he was a working man with a job to do. He let me off the Combine to sit in the truck waiting for nightfall.

The itching was unbearable, I couldn't wait to get home. When we arrived, I ran to the bathroom and took the best, hottest bath in the world. I was the first 10 year old in the history of mankind that ever wanted to take a bath. Why? The filth of the field was so great, I had to get clean.

Purity . . . it is a real blessing to those who know the pain of filth. "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." (Matthew 5:8)

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