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As I look into my rear view mirror, my greatest memories of church life are times when the church was unified toward a common goal.  When I was a child our small church in Edmonson, Texas had a revival I don't mean a revival meeting, I mean a revival.  We extended the meeting over a several week period because of the overwhelming response.  So many people accepted Christ that during the final service all we did was baptize the new converts.  Though I was only a young grade-schooler, I too was active sharing my faith with my friends and some of them came to faith in Christ through my efforts.  In some ways the fire of that revival meeting are still burning, because that was the first time I heard God speaking to me about becoming a Pastor.

The movement of the spirit was amazing.  I certainly remember that, but I also remember that we were doing this together everyone was participating.
When I was Pastoring in the Central Valley, our church had an annual Memorial Day Weekend Campout.  One year, over 200 of us spent the weekend together and enjoyed a time of rich fellowship.  Less than a hundred stayed behind and some of them came up for a day trip to join their church on the adventure.  The baptism we had in the river  is among my fondest memories of my time at that church. 
Space does not permit me to mention mission trips or building programs that stick out in my mind, suffice it to say, that the church is at its best when it is doing something together.
We have an opportunity for togetherness.  Starting July 18, our members of the church are going to explore God's purpose for our lives.  I pray that no one will opt out.  Let's do this together!
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