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Quiet, Please!

"Would you please be quiet?" I know I shouldn't, but it is a question I usually yell, not speak in a normal tone of voice. Parenting experts say you should whisper that question, not yell it. Asking my kids to play the "quiet game" never works in our home. Usually, I use a forceful voice to quite my children when they are too loud.

People are usually quieted by force. The judge pounds the gavel on her bench and calls the court to order. A police officer blows his whistle and draws his night stick to confront a rowdy crowd.

Noise can be formidable to overcome. The visiting team in Mile High Stadium has more than Elway to contend with, the crowd is so noisy the offensive line can't hear the quarterback's signals. One weapon the government used during the Waco standoff was to pipe loud music toward the compound at night. Have you ever been in a place that was so noisy that you couldn't hear yourself think?

What does it take to make you be quiet? They threw Peter and John in prison and threatened them with further harm, but they wouldn't be quite. They stoned Paul, but he continued to preach the gospel. John the Baptist wouldn't be quiet until they cut off his head.

There are some places in the world where "the enemy" goes to extremes to silence Christians. Recently, persecutors in North Vietnam, poured boiling water down a Hmong believer's throat.

"Would you please NOT be quiet?" Are you spreading the gospel, or are you playing the "quiet game?"

Take a moment to pray for those you know who need to hear the gospel and say a prayer for the persecuted church.

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