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In the Wilson household we faithfully watch two reality shows on TV:  Survivor and The Apprentice.  Usually neither show gets my undivided attention, because I’m on the Internet or studying for Spanish at the same time, and since I’m way too old to multi-task effectively, I may not be able to tell you what happened on the show, but still, I enjoy the shows.  My favorite part of the Apprentice is when the Donald gives someone the Cobra hand and says, “You’re fired!”

 One of the real treats of the show is watching 35-year old, Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump’s right hand woman.  In many ways, she is the prototype of The Apprentice.  Trump turned one of his properties over to her when she was just 25.  Over the years this classy business woman has moved her way up the ladder of the corporation to where she is one of Trump’s most trusted advisors.  Each week she personifies strength, grace and respect in the way she works with her peers, those under her and of course, the way she relates to the Donald.

 The other night I caught her on a late night talk show and saw that she’d just written a book, so I went to Amazon and ordered it along with another book I’d wanted to read.  In her book, Carolyn 101, Carolyn Kepcher repeatedly stated what she does when she faces a situation or problem.  She asks, “What are my resources.”  Then after identifying them, she uses them to solve the problem.

 I like the approach.  Believer, what are your resources?

 You have a God that created you, gave you a purpose, sent His son to die on the cross to forgive you of your sins, rose again on the third day and sent another comforter to indwell and empower you to rise above your challenges to bring glory to Him.

 Are you using your resources? 

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