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In 1999, I met Sarah while preaching a revival in the church her father pastors. I enjoyed my time with the entire family. I count her father as a close friend in the ministry and learned to love the whole family while I visited. 

Sarah is in that wonderful age between childhood and the terrifying teenage years. While I was there, she had to sleep with her two big sisters and I stayed in her room. Hanging on her wall was a handmade poster, I'm sure it was there for the benefit of her two older teenage sisters. It said:

Sarah's Rules

1. No hitting Sarah or her friends.

2. No making fun of Sarah.

3. Respect her property.

4. No one can be bossy. Except Sarah.

It can be hard to be a kid, especially when surrounded by people who are bigger and enjoy more privileges. Like Sarah, I was the third child. I got tired of my brothers bossing me around, so I naturally wrote down her rules. I wish I'd been smart enough to hang a similar list on my wall when I was a kid.

Children often feel out of control. It is nice when they find a way to express their independence while enjoying the fruit of their dependance upon their parents. It is hard work growing up. And as children bump against that time between dependance and independence, it's nice to have a little space-a place where they're the boss-even if they have to loan it to the visiting preacher.

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