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"I Swear"

You're aiming for the 16 penny nail, instead you hit the thumb nail, what happens? xozijdahfouerkha! The guy in front of you cuts you off, what happens? xozijdahfouerkha! Your teacher chews you out in front of the whole class, what happens? xozijdahfouerkha! None of us enjoy other people's foul language, yet, most of us have used xozijdahfouerkha before. Why do we swear?

Swearing is an attempt to bring control to an uncontrollable situation. We like to think we have it all under control; sometimes life's circumstances remind us that we don't. Those moments cause a knee-jerk reaction.

Swearing is a bad habit. People begin swearing to shock their peers and get attention; it really shows a lack of basic intelligence. Some folks don't know how to express themselves without expletives.

Swearing shows who you serve. You can't turn on the radio, television, or go shopping without exposure to foul language. The other day I was thumbing through a magazine at the doctor's office and was shocked by what I read. Christian's pure language make them stand out in a crowd, their foul language embarrasses their Lord, Church, family and self.

James asks: "Can a fountain give fresh & bitter water?" Of Course it can't. When you use bitter language your friends will not believe the fresh gospel coming from your mouth.

Oh, by the way, next time ask a family member to hold the nail for you before you swing the hammer. On second thought, maybe not.

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