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Tarzan's Abs

I wonder what life would be like if God gave me everything I asked for? Hmmm, let me think a minute. We'll for starters, my pet cat when I was six-years-old would have risen from the dead. My friends would have always picked me first, every time we played a game, and by now, I'd be a professional football and baseball player. Every girl in Junior High would have fallen in love with me, well, maybe not all of them-most of them, OK, at least one of them. 

Today, I'd be able to eat chocolate all day long and have abs like Tarzan. I wouldn't be living in California, I wouldn't be a preacher, and I'd have two daughters instead of sons. The end of the work day would come right after morning coffee.

At the time, it hurts when God says "no." Sometimes, I feel mistreated, you know, like God doesn't care about me. I see good things happening to bad people and wonder why God would bless them and not bless me. In all honesty, there have even been times when I shook my fist at God because He didn't do what I wanted Him to do.

How immature of me. Right?

I mean, you've never done the same thing, have you? 

In retrospect, I think I'd be miserable if God gave me everything I asked for. I'm glad I live in California and know that being a preacher is God's grace in my life. I can't imagine trading my sons for anyone else, either. 

Could it be that God knows what's best for me, even when I don't?

Tarzan's abs? Well that's another story.

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