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The final seconds on the clock were ticking down. It was fourth and goal to goal and we were behind by just a few points against a rival school. A touchdown would mean victory. Our quarterback called time out and went to the sidelines to get a play from the coach.

The manager brought water for the players. Between swallows of water and the surreal feeling of sweat cascading from every pore, came shouts of "we can do it," or "this is it."

The quarterback returned to give the play. He knelt on one knee and said "listen up." In the huddle, there was muffled silence. He looked at our halfback and said, "the ball is yours," and called a play to the right side of the line--my side of the line. Immediately, I visualized plowing the strong side tackle into the ground, Brent running though a hole the size of the grand canyon and scoring.

While I was processing this thought, the left side guard began to argue with the call. He said this call is exactly what our opponents were looking for. He felt we needed to run a screen play and catch our opponents by surprise. Finally, the quarterback said, we're going to run the play coach called, then, called for the huddle to break.

From a three-point stance, I exploded into my man and drove him into the linebacker. I fully expected to rise from my block to the cheers of the crowd. I didn't. Someone tackled our half back before he penetrated the goal line. The gun sounded--we lost.

What went wrong? The left guard, went into his stance and stood straight up without attempting to throw a block. His man caught the halfback in the backfield and took him to the ground. His choice not to throw his block because he didn't get his way was unacceptable, and had severe consequences--it cost us the game.

From the Pastor to the pew, we are a team. The stakes are higher than who wins a football game. If you are a Pastor, what are you doing to cultivate a team spirit in your Church. If you are a layman, what are you doing to show your Pastor your support?

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