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 Iím thankful for a lot of things.  Iím grateful for my family, friends, good health and that I live in a free country.  Sometimes I wish computers had never been invented, but most of the time, Iím thankful that I live in this age where technology makes my job so much easier than it was even 25 years ago.  

 Often we talk about how thankful we are for our church.  Iíve noticed over the past few years that we are constantly mentioning and honoring our military families who are such a blessing to our church and lately weíve said a lot about the new Spanish-speaking congregation and how theyíve made a difference in our community outreach.  Every year you good people honor our family and express your appreciation to us on our anniversary, but there is a group that we never honorĖour locals.

 They are the ones who made the decision 40 years or so ago to open the doors and the church to the military families.  Long after many of their children where grown, they voted to give up their fellowship hall space so the church could have more room for preschoolers.  They were the ones who supported my going back to school to learn Spanish so we could reach Spanish-speaking people and many of them took up the slack of what I couldnít do because I was devoting time to this mission effort.  Our locals are the ones who willingly step down from a ministry position when someone joins the church who wants to serve in that capacity and they are the ones who often double and triple their ministry efforts when we have vacancies.

 So today, we honor our locals and say thank you to them for their faithfulness.  Thank you for your vision that captivated my heart over six years ago when you asked me to come and lead you.  Thank you for your flexibility.  But most of all, thank you for never complaining while we honored everyone else, but never honored you.  

 Let me say, Iím honored to serve with you.  May our church always have the sweet fellowship that we enjoy today.  Not because we are the same, but because we serve the same Lord. 

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