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Family Traits

My paternal grandfather was a carpenter. He was a man who worked hard all his life. Though my father did not become a carpenter, he did learn to work with his hands and can make beautiful furniture. I can see Grandpa's skill in the work that my father does; there is a remarkable similarity to their styles. Did Dad inherit the style, or did he learn it from watching his father?

Our Church is a multi generational Church. Several families have three or even four generations who attend here. Sometimes I marvel at the resemblances. One of our young men, walks so much like his father that if you see one of them approaching, out of the corner of your eye, you can almost confuse them. Did Mark inherit his walk from Ralph, or did he learn it from watching him?

We can inherit our parent's wealth, good looks, disposition, and diseases, but we cannot inherit their faith. God has many children, but no grandchildren. There is no "faith gene" passed down from one generation to another, but our children can learn to believe by watching their parents.

My own faith is influenced by memories of my Mother studying her bible and my Father leaving the house to go make a visit. Though I didn't inherit their faith, it influenced me.

Some parents say they don't want to force belief on their children, so they don't "make" them go to Church. In reality, they are forcing disbelief on them. Without a positive example from the parent, or a positive message from a Church, how will they ever believe? There is a large difference between "making" someone going to Church and allowing them to go.

Though you cannot force faith on your children, you can allow them the opportunity to believe by being a positive example, teaching them about God at home and bringing them with you to Church.

I never learned to make beautiful furniture like my father and his dad, maybe it skips a generation every now and then. Did I mention that my other grandfather was an avid fisherman? Perhaps the furniture gene was overpowered by the fishing gene, but that's another story.

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