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True Love

Susan is fond of saying that she chased me until I caught her, and there is some truth to her words. It was the summer of 1980, when we met. I was a traveling preacher going from church to church preaching youth emphasis meetings. During that summer the California Southern Baptist Convention assigned me to work primarily in the Southern California Desert. At each meeting, I'd train the youth in witnessing and would go to people's houses to invite them to come to church or share the plan of Salvation.

One Saturday morning, the Pastor of the church took me over to Susan Miller's house to invite her to come to the Revival I was preaching at the First Baptist Church of Coachella. She hadn't been attending the church much lately and the preacher wanted to get her back. Usually, I'm a take charge kind of a guy at those kind of visits, but not this time. I was literally speechless. I can only remember three things about that visit. 1. I didn't say much. 2. I couldn't believe how beautiful Susan was, and 3. (now here's where the story gets just a little bit unbelievable) I had the distinct impression from God that Susan was the girl I was going to marry.

Susan came to the meeting I was holding in Coachella, then drove 90 miles to the next one I would hold in Blythe, we exchanged addresses and phone numbers then after the summer I went back to college in Texas and Susan stayed in California. We talked on the phone and wrote letters but wouldn't see each other for several years. 

Then without ever going out on a single traditional date, I asked her to marry me. And to my delight, she said yes. I wouldn't recommend the way we did things to anyone. Except the part about being sure that God was joining us together. Susan is the love of my life, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with this amazing woman.

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