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The Truth

"The pathologist's report is in; it was positive." "What? It was what . . . what does that mean?" "Mr. Wilson, you have cancer."

It was a call I'd been expecting. I knew there was a chance that the lump was cancerous, but I wasn't fully prepared to hear the "C" word. I was too young and too healthy to be sick. For the next few moments I was numb.

I could have argued with him, waxed philosophical and claimed that cancer doesn't exist. But my denial wouldn't have changed the reality.

He told me the type of cancer I had, the cure rate and the proposed treatment. "Thank you, Doctor; I appreciate your call."

It was undoubtedly the worse news anybody ever told me. Why did I thank him?

The doctor wasn't happy I had cancer; I could tell by the tone of his voice. He was happy, however, that he had some good news too, my type of cancer has a 90% cure rate. I thanked him for the bad news because it saved my life.

Preachers have good and bad news to tell. The bad news? Hell's fires are real and permanent. No sugar coating will change this reality. Without Christ, we are all doomed to spend eternity in hell.

We don't need to feel better about ourselves or "three easy steps to self-fulfilment," we need to hear the truth. The truth was, I had cancer and without proper treatment it would have killed me. That was the truth. I'm grateful to my doctor that he told me the truth!

The good news is that the Bible promises a 100% cure rate to those who believe. Jesus paid the price for sin and holds the keys to hell in His nail-scarred hand.

Today, after several surgeries and radiation treatments, I am cancer free. Though, "You have cancer," were not the words I was hoping to hear, they were words that eventually saved my life.

"Without Christ, you will spend eternity in Hell" are not words that people want to hear either, but they are the truth, and they could save their lives.

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