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How's your 'tude?

It's been pretty tough being a Dodger fan this season.

Even Tommy Lasorda is embarrassed. Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that the senior Vice President borrowed a page from his coaching days and gave a rousing locker room speech to the team. Lasorda directed one comment toward a specific outfielder, saying he had a "bad attitude."

Attitude? What's that got to do with anything?

Isn't the success of a game defined by how well a team plays not what kind of an attitude they play with? Think about it for a minute.

Mom and Dad save for six months to take their children to an amusement park. The day finally comes and their older teenager resists going because she would rather be with her friends. She goes, but lags behind the family and refuses to ride any of those "kiddy rides."

A hard working family calculates out their tithe to the exact penny, writes out their check and places it in the offering plate. Does their attitude matter? After all, they followed the letter of the law.

A wife cooks a fine meal, but after she brings it from the kitchen slams the plate in front of her husband and says, "Here it is!" And immediately retreats into the other room. Does it really matter how good the food tastes?

So, how's your 'tude? Do you have a good atti (tude) or a bad atti (tude)? Are other people uplifted or pulled down when they bump into you?

In gift giving, they say it is the thought that counts-in everything else, I'd say, it's the 'tude that counts.

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