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Summer Vacation

What's your idea of an ideal vacation? How about taking four people who are used to occupying 1800 square feet and putting them in a smaller space, say about 50 square feet and see what happens. To make it a little more interesting, put the kids in the back seat and tell them to be quiet, let the man drive and let the woman hold the map.

To a typical man, "getting there" isn't the real joy of the trip. His goal is to get there quick. "O.K. kids, were going to stop to get gas in a few minutes. You have 3.5 minutes to buy a coke, go to the bathroom and enjoy the sights." When the family is enjoying a majestic view of the Grand Canyon, he interrupts the conversation by saying, "yep, we sure made good time, I bet we averaged 72.35 miles an hour."

The woman just wants to get there, enjoying the sights on the way, without getting lost. The problem she faces is that real men don't use maps. They know how to get there, or they'll figure it out, but they don't want a backseat driver telling them where to turn. What happens? "No, we aren't lost, were just taking a scenic detour."

A few years ago, Detroit came out with the talking car. If you didn't shut your door good, it would say, in a very stoic-monotone-computer-voice, "Your door is a jar." I always thought a jar was something you put pickles in, didn't you?

Long before Detroit programed automatic messages, children had it down pat. "How much longer?" "Are we there yet?" I think the question passes from mother to child through the umbilical cord, because every child asks the same thing on a vacation.

Children don't like the journey; they just want to get there. They are bundles of energy that cannot be contained by seatbelts or car games. They want out so they can do something.

Adults are content to sit still, not because of emotional maturity, but because they are tired. Any energy they have they expend to tell their children to sit still and be quiet.

Energy is the key to getting things done. Unbuckle your seat belt, get out of the car and do something. Energy is contagious, if you'll do something for the Lord, someone else might follow your example.

By the way, if vacations are supposed to refresh you, why do most people come home so tired? Think about it, then slow down and enjoy.

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