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The Virgin Joseph

The Virgin Birth is a core doctrine among evangelical Christians, to Catholics, the Virgin Mary is an Icon who they pray to. A lot is made of Mary's virginity, and rightly so, but what about Joseph's? What about the virgin Joseph? 

Doesn't he deserve some credit here too? Consider the events from his perspective.

How do you think Joseph felt when he discovered Mary was pregnant? He knew he wasn't the father, because he'd kept her a virgin. The news must have devastated him.

I wonder what he said to Mary? Did he cry? Did he scream? Did he tell anybody else, or was he too ashamed to talk about it?

What about the plans they'd made? Like most young people considering marriage, I'm sure they'd stayed up late many nights talking about the way things would be, where they'd live, and what they wanted to do with their life. What was it like to have to jettison their future because of Mary's pregnancy? 

On one hand, I'd have to say that Joseph does deserve some credit. Matthew called him a "righteous man" and spoke of his tender heart toward Mary. I'm sure the news of Mary's pregnancy did devastate him, but I'm also sure the news that Mary was carrying the Savior of the World had to leave him completely dumbfounded.

But on the other hand, the sheer wonder of God becoming man, eclipses any credit due Joseph. Or Mary for that matter. Think about it. God became man, and took upon His back the sins of the world.

That's news worth celebrating. Merry CHRISTmas.

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