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Worth Waiting For

I hate to wait.

We were in a hurry. (Aren't we always.) After eating lunch we were going to stop by the store, pick up a Diet Coke, then Susan was going to drop me off at the office and drive to work. We had just enough time.

I searched for what I wanted and couldn't find it. They didn't have Diet Cokes. And I don't like the other diet cola. Finally, at Susan's urging to hurry up, I got a diet Snapple and headed for the cash register.

"Good!" I thought, "the line is short-we might still make it on time."

"Is this the kind with Iron?" The lady ahead of us asked, as she handed the cashier a bottle of multi-vitamins. 

I looked at my watch. "Why is this taking so long?" I thought. "Doesn't this lady know I'm in a hurry and have to be somewhere?" I patted my foot on the ground and had that obnoxious look I get on my face when I'm not getting my way.

"Let's see," the cashier responded as she examined the bottle.

I couldn't believe it. "Why didn't this lady just read the bottle for herself," I reasoned to myself, "why is she taking up my time to buy her vitamins."

Then it hit me. Maybe she didn't read the label because she couldn't read the label. Ouch! I felt about three inches high.

When it was my turn at the register I said, "I saw what you did for that lady ahead of me and want to say thank you." "Oh," the cashier said, "I thought you might be getting impatient." Ignoring her accurate comment, I said, "It's nice to know there are people like you willing to help people who need it."

Some things are worth waiting for.

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