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Walking By Faith

2 Cor. 5:7 NASB "for we walk by faith, not by sight"

Whatever else is involved in being spiritual, I am confident that it involves walking by faith. Like Noah, who was willing to invest 120 years building an ark because God told him a flood was coming. Or like Abraham who did not argue with God when He told him to sacrifice his son on an altar-a son that was born in his old age in fulfillment of a promise God made to Abraham. Both of these actions were completely illogical, one of them-the sacrificing of Isaac-would have been immoral if God didn't provide a substitute sacrifice at the last moment.

When I mediate on those scriptures, I ask myself , "Could I walk by faith like these two men?" Or would my doubts keep me from finishing an 120-year long assignment, like Noah had or one that would tear my heart out, like Abraham had.

I know that some people are sensorial and others are intuitive. The one makes decisions by the information they gather from their five senses, the other makes their decisions by what their "gut" tells them. Noah's and Abraham's obedience doesn't pass either of those tests. The empirical evidence in both cases would say, don't do it. Noah had never seen rain-how illogical to think it would rain so much that it would flood the earth. Abraham understood that Isaac's miraculous birth was in fulfillment to a promise that God gave him that through his seed, the world would be blessed. How could Isaac fulfill that promise if he didn't live?

If these men were intuitive, neither of them would have been following their heart. There's no way that Noah's gut would tell him to withstand the ridicule of others to build the ark or that Abraham could have entertained spilling his own son's blood for even a moment-not unless he had a sick, dark heart.

Walking by faith is the ability for a sensorial person to lay aside empirical evidence and an intuitive person to go against their heart because they sense what God's will is and refuse to go against it. It isn't the result of an irrational person "hearing voices" that leads him to commit a crime, instead, it is a Spiritual person, in tune with God's will, who commits intentional acts of obedience.

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